Sehr Schøn

11th - 13th July 2014 | Arendal, Norway

We have now reached the limit of available tickets and ticket sale is now closed.

Bus schedule from Arendal

There will be a shuttlebus from Arendal to Sehr Schon at these hours.
Thursday Every hour from 12pm/noon to 8pm
Friday Every hour from 12pm/noon to 8pm
Saturday noon / 12:00 2pm / 14:00 6pm / 18:00 8pm / 20:00
Do you need to be picked up at other times? Book the bus here!

Norway has some of the most unequally beautiful nature on the planet. Therefore, given the right location, there is no better place on Earth, to host an open-air music event. Accidentally we have just the right place..

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Sehr Schøn is located south in Norway, 30 min from Arendal town. A stunningly beautiful lakeside location. Private, yet easy to get to by car, bike or public transport. > Read more ...

How to...

Aim for Arendal town. {map} From there we will have regular shuttle-buses.
We do provide parking but out of respect for the surroundings, we prefer as few cars as possible on site.
The lakeside camping-area..
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11-13 July´14
Ticket includes:
• 3 days & nights of mother nature
• Camping & Shuttle-bus
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Check out what we like, to get a sense of what you might hear beneath the full-moon.